I am Latina Made, Not Maid…Deal With It!

365 days. 11 series/seasons. 101 episodes with my name at the end credits.

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Survival Greek and A Campus Tour

Kalimera! Good morning! After our short introduction to Greece it was easy to forget the main reason we were here was to learn. Our introduction to the American College of Thessaloniki started bright and early with a full day of orientation. There was a lot of grumbling because the day was jam packed with things we […]

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The Journey Began and Ended Abruptly

  Exactly five days ago I was sitting in John F. Kennedy airport, three and a half hours early for my flight to Thessaloniki, Greece. Scheduled at 6:50 P.M, I was bouncing in my seat, ready to go. This post comes five days late because what started off as a journey filled with anticipation and excitement […]

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