I Tried Three Popular Fitness Classes in NYC and Here’s What Happened

This week, in lieu of another rut, I skipped my regular workouts and tried three popular fitness classes in New York City.ย 

Here’s what happened.ย 

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As May comes to an end I wanted to share my favorite moments from the past month. This month I focused on exploring New York City, which is a major goal of mine before I turn 30. I also made my first big purchase, updated my hairdo, challenged myself with a new workout and ate […]

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Why I Joined a 10-Week Fitness Challenge

When I was first diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) I was relieved. I knew there was something wrong with my cycle for years. It was never normal. There was never any consistency to it. I would get my period for three months and then it would disappear for another six. Or I would have […]

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