I Won Football Tickets From Verizon Up!

Even though I won concert tickets from Verizon’s Verizon Up program in the past I was convinced I would never come close to winning tickets again.

Since they haven’t offered any other concert tickets besides Luke Bryan (and I won’t fly anywhere for Justin Timberlake since I’m not a fan) I noticed they were giving away football tickets week after week.

Am I a football fan? No. Do I know anything about football? No. Did that stop me from trying to get tickets to a game? No!

View from our seats, JETS VS Broncos at Metlife Stadium

What I love about the Verizon program is that it gives you opportunities to experience something new. Sometimes they offer tickets to concerts, sporting events or new restaurants.

Would I have ever purchased football tickets on my own if I hadn’t won them? No!

If you’re a Verizon customer and haven’t heard of Verizon Up here’s the breakdown:

  • It’s a program solely for customers
  • After every $300 you pay towards your bill you receive a token to use towards their rewards program
  • Rewards include Supertickets (tickets to concerts, events, restaurant openings, etc.) and smaller rewards (a free GB of data if you always go over, five dollar gift cards towards Starbucks, etc.)

There’s no sure fire way to win Supertickets, which always include a countdown before you can attempt to claim your tickets. It’s all about luck.

I’ve been lucky enough to win twice.

Confirmation from Verizon for Supertickets.jpeg

I always put an alarm on five minutes before the countdown is going to end to claim the tickets I’m interested in. In my experience you don’t want to wait until the clock hits zero to press the button. I start tapping the “claim” button thirty seconds before the countdown ends. It’ll automatically bring you to the dreaded screen to “Try Again Later” or “All Tickets Have Been Claimed” because more likely than not, someone was quicker and pressed the button before you.

Remember this is a game of chance. There are only so many tickets so don’t get discouraged if you don’t win time and time again. It took me several chances before I won my Luke Bryan tickets.

My football tickets were for the JETS, a team that hasn’t been doing well this season, so I’m not sure if the demand for the tickets was high.

I won my tickets to the JETS easily but when I tried for the Giants and Eagles a few weeks prior they were gone instantly. Since I’m not a football fan I didn’t have a preference but I still would have liked to see some of the top teams.

Winning the football tickets was a different experience from the concert tickets. After I won I received a message from Verizon that said I should receive an e-mail within three days with more information.

I waited impatiently on my third day for that e-mail confirmation incase something happened but was pleasantly surprised during dinner when I received the tickets!

When it comes to the JETS, you can no longer print out tickets, everything is done through your mobile device. I had to create an account in order to claim my tickets, which was easy. All they asked was for my name, e-mail and a password.

There was a note that said I needed to claim the tickets before 2PM that day or else they would be released. So I added them to my wallet on my iPhone right away and made a mental note to leave early.

There was no information given on the tickets besides the section and row/seat number. However, the section read “FLIGHT,” which my boyfriend and I couldn’t figure out where that was. It’s never a guarantee you will be sitting in a suite or if you’ll receive regular tickets so I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Signed Giants Footballs.jpeg
Display case of signed football in the Verizon suite.

I will add once I logged in they immediately asked if I wanted to give the tickets away to someone else. All I would have had to do was to insert their name along with their e-mail. I’m not sure if it’s the same for every team but I like that the process would have been simple and if I couldn’t go I could have easily handed them off to someone else in my life without waiting the day before the game.

An added bonus was three days before the big day I received another e-mail with a free parking ticket!

When I arrived to Metlife Stadium on game day it was complete chaos but because we had a free parking ticket we were able to easily find parking close to the stadium. Thank you, Verizon!

Verizon Suite.jpeg
An inside look at the suite

As someone who knew nothing about football until she went to her first game I was surprised by how large the stadium was. We asked around and realized “FLIGHT” was the Verizon suite. When we arrived there was a security guard specifically for the section and someone else with a clipboard who asked to see my ticket and confirmed my Verizon information.

Giants Display Case.jpeg

After a quick check-in we were in! I was excited because food and drinks were included. We didn’t have to worry about spending a dime unless we wanted something they didn’t offer. The spread was your basic food choices: hot dogs, chicken fingers, fries, with a few extras (read: mac and cheese, skirt steak, meatballs and potatoes).

My boyfriend was disappointed there wasn’t a big dessert station. They only offered cookies and chips but I wasn’t bothered by it.

Food in the Suite.jpeg
A blurry picture of the spread because I didn’t want to be THAT person taking a picture of the food.

The seats themselves were great. It was a hot sunny day even though it’s October in NY/NJ so we were shielded from the sun from our seats but you could still see everything.

All in all it was a great experience that I wanted to share since I think many people are still skeptical when it comes to the Verizon program. It is all up to chance but when you win it’s totally worth it!

Keep trying and let me know down below if you’ve ever won Supertickets and what they were for!

Eli Manning cleats.jpeg
The information given reads: “Quarterback Eli Manning wore these shoes in the 2011 NFC Championship Game in San Francisco. The Giants defeated the 49ers in overtime to advance to Superbowl XLVL.”



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