I Won Super Tickets From Verizon Up…Here’s What It Was Like

When I first joined Verizon’s Verizon Up rewards program I thought their Super Tickets were a total scam. I would check out what they were offering each month and laugh. Tickets to Justin Timberlake? Yeah, okay! Like that was really going to happen. Lady Gaga? HA! I was pretty sure the tickets to her concert were sold out.

Verizon Up is a program solely for Verizon customers. After paying three hundred dollars towards your bill every month they grant you a token to use towards gift cards, concert tickets, fancy dinners and more.

I was sure it had to be a gimmick so I never tried to win anything. I used my token on Starbucks and Barnes & Nobles gift cards.

I wanted something of value in return and even though the gift cards were only five dollars I figured it was better than nothing.

Even though I was skeptical when I saw they were offering tickets for Luke Bryan’s, “What Makes You Country,” tour I told myself I had to try and win.

After my first attempt I was left defeated, unable to win tickets to his concert in Cincinnati I refused to give up. I came up with a plan. I would set an alarm for two minutes before the countdown to win the tickets ended. I obsessively checked my phone to look at the timer even if I had eight hours left until I could press “claim.”


When two minutes rolled around I locked myself in the bathroom at work and would start tapping away. I was convinced if I started pressing the claim button two minutes to a minute earlier I would be first in line and I would be able to scoop the tickets up without any problem.

I tried for Florida but was automatically sent to a screen that said all tickets had been claimed and to keep trying–aka the screen of rejection. I tried for Raleigh and received the same rejection notice. Finally, on a day I hadn’t been focusing on winning I opened the app and started tapping away thirty seconds before the tickets were supposed to be released and won!

All it took was a little patience and luck. On June 29th I boarded a plane to Charlotte, North Carolina to see Luke Bryan at the PNC Music Pavilion.

Verizon Up Winner E-mail

I was already clicking the “claim” button before it appeared so I was surprised when I was brought to another screen that didn’t look like the normal “try again.” Instead of letting me know all of the tickets were claimed and to try again later they asked for my name and e-mail address. Since I was logged into my own account everything was pre-filled and ready to go. The app also asked if I was sure I wanted to use my token for the tickets. I obviously said yes and then was brought to a screen that said, “Congratulations!” I won!

It took about three days for Verizon to e-mail me the above message. After reading it over I was disappointed because I realized what I won were regular tickets. They were obviously in a section for Verizon Up Members but they weren’t V.I.P tickets.

With V.I.P tickets you get free drinks and food along with merchandise. I checked on Instagram and V.I.P winners for previous Luke Bryan tickets got a hat, calendar and key chain when they got to the event. I cared less about the merchandise and more about the food and drinks. Concerts are notorious for serving overpriced food and drinks so it would have been nice to not have to pay but I can’t complain because at least my tickets were free!

Free tickets to Luke Bryan.jpg
Here I am before the concert started with my VerizonUp pass and overpriced margarita in a can looking like I was posing for an advertisement and not my personal Instagram.

Since I have never been to North Carolina before when I got to the PNC Pavilion I was surprised by its size. The stadium is huge! I easily found the Verizon Up team near the box office and quickly claimed my tickets. Everyone at the Verizon Up kiosk greeted me and congratulated me on winning two tickets to see Luke.

All I had to do was show them my ID and then they went through their list and found my name. They handed me two tickets that were safely tucked in plastic and attached to a lanyard that read “Verizon Up.”

They also gave us a small gift–a Luke Bryan keychain. Now I didn’t have to spend any money on merchandise! Woo-hoo!

One of the Verizon reps said he would escort us to the stage. Thank goodness because it was almost a ten minute walk through the entire stadium to get to the front. He knew the lay of the land and showed us where to get food, where to find the merchandise stands and where the bathrooms were.

When we got near the stage I was surprised we were actually on the right side of the stage. On the left were the regular general floor admission people and on the right was a section squared off solely for Verizon winners. They also had security specifically for us so random people couldn’t sneak in.

The tickets were $128 each, which I think is generally a good deal. I paid $250 for two tickets each to sit in the eleventh row at a Guns n Roses concert. I also paid $99 for the seventeenth row for one ticket for Keith Urban in New Jersey. Normally, if you want to be in the pit or the first row of a concert those tickets can cost easily anywhere from $150 to $1,000 because they sell so quickly at the original price you have to purchase them at the resale price.

Morgan Wallen Stage.jpg

Pictured above is how close we were. All that stood between us and the stage were bars that separated us and a few security guards. Since many people opt to skip the opening act I got to stand right by the side of the stage and see Morgan Wallen and Jon Pardi perform without much of a crowd.

Morgan Wallen on Stage.jpg

Jon Pardi.jpg


Luke Bryan.jpg

Having to stand was an experience. Before Luke Bryan came on that’s when the section started to become crowded. The good thing is Verizon doesn’t pack out the place. We still had plenty of room to move around and could see him without feeling squished. It was incredibly hot in North Carolina that night so everyone was dripping with sweat and it made the concert almost unbearable.

Still, you could reach out and touch Luke’s hand and he even threw a few guitar pics into the audience to some of us winners. All in all it was a great experience. Luke felt the heat too and was sweating the moment he came out but that didn’t mean his energy waned during his performance. He joked and said if he passed out just give him a minute because he swore he would get back up. He survived the concert and sang all of his hits, both old and new.

Since Verizon only gives you the tickets the airfare and hotel we had to stay at were on me since I hadn’t won tickets to a concert that was closer to New York. I would definitely try again for another concert but I would try harder to win V.I.P tickets and make sure it’s closer to where I live–New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania or Boston.

I’m not sure if it’s like this for every set of tickets but if you’re interested in giving the tickets away to a friend or family member you can remove your name when claiming them and put theirs. The tickets are always a set of two.

They also e-mailed me about a week before and asked if the name I entered was correct and if I wanted to do a name change. This is great to know incase I win tickets for someone like Justin Timberlake who I’m not a huge fan. I could give the tickets away to my mother or sister and they could go without me having to pick them up for them.

I’m glad I know the Super Tickets aren’t a scam now! Even though it’s based on timing and luck I can’t wait to see what I could win in the future. In the past Verizon has offered tickets to the Super Bowl and various sporting events and shows. Tom Brady, I’m coming for you!


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9 thoughts on “I Won Super Tickets From Verizon Up…Here’s What It Was Like

  1. Did the email you receive a week before the concert saying you could switch the names on the tickets actually say it was coming from YOU? I ask because mine said it was from me and had a link to click on to switch the person picking them up. I’m such a skeptic and was just wondering if this is how it looked for you as there were a couple of typos in the email too which I thought was strange!

    1. Yes!!!!! Which is weird but when you click the actual email it says like invitemanager.io. I think it’s a software they use. However, the e-mail I received had the official Verizon logo and the e-mail to Verizon Up customer service, which I know is real. Also, you can always double check your app as well because I was kind of skeptical too when I first won and it said I would get an e-mail in two days. I was like, uh? Really? But you can look at your rewards in your app to double check that you actually did win. I definitely didn’t have any typos so that would weird me out too. I honestly didn’t think this program was real until after reading about people who won on Reddit.

  2. I’m patiently waiting for the name change email! We are traveling 6 hours this weekend to attend this concert that we won! I’m hoping it comes today or tomorrow so my mother in law can transfer them in my name!

    Thanks So much for your helpful blog. I had contemplated traveling for this concert after I read that I got standing room only tickets but you made it seem worth it

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