As May comes to an end I wanted to share my favorite moments from the past month. This month I focused on exploring New York City, which is a major goal of mine before I turn 30. I also made my first big purchase, updated my hairdo, challenged myself with a new workout and ate caloric food.

Total perk of being single = Not having to share your food with someone.

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge 

Hanging Out on the Brooklyn Bridge

I woke-up extremely early on a Saturday to walk the Brooklyn Bridge before it became crowded with tourists and bicyclists. By the time I got to the bridge it was 10 A.M. and a bicyclist almost ran me over. Naturally, it was my fault because I started walking in the bike lane. I’d definitely advise you to look where you’re going because those bicyclists will yell at you and hit you. They’ll also argue it’s not their fault but yours because they can’t exactly stop at a moments notice.

Brooklyn Bridge.jpg

Still, it was a cool morning so it made the walk very easy. I stopped along the way to take pictures and got to admire New York City from an entirely different view.

I’m finally starting to feel like a native New Yorker after living here for twenty-five years!

Visiting the 9/11 Museum and Memorial 

9:11 reflecting pool

After my walk, I headed back into the city and decided to visit the World Trade Center. Even though I was only in the fourth grade when the attack happened, it’s still something that is very emotional for me so I never thought I would have the strength to visit the area, let alone walk through the entire museum.


I remember the sadness and fear like it was just yesterday when the news broke. My entire family, except for my mother, worked in the city. She couldn’t contact her sisters and for hours she didn’t know if they were okay. My aunts don’t talk about what they went through that day.

While it was incredibly difficult walking through the museum and relieving that moment in time I’m glad I went.

Trying Out New Eats from Broadway Bites

DO X MOZZ Fried Cookie Dough Bites.jpg

Here in NYC, we’re all about trying new and outrageous foods. Most people do it just for the Insta likes but I do it because food is delicious.

I got to try food from two new vendors this month. The first was a collaboration between DO and Big Mozz. DO is known for their edible cookie dough that is seriously freaking delicious. I tried a small sample size during the winter and I was impressed.

The two vendors teamed up to create fried cookie dough balls. They were nice and crisp on the outside but they still had that doughy consistency on the inside. The brownie ball was my favorite.

I went back the next week to try the mozzarella sticks from Big Mozz. It’s safe to say they were the best mozzarella sticks I’ve ever had.

Big Mozz Mozzerella Sticks.jpg

I was in mozz heaven when I took my first bite. They were extra cheesy, the sticks were seasoned well and the marinara sauce was just right. I don’t understand how people can mess up marinara sauce. Yes, it’s tomato sauce but it shouldn’t taste like tomato juice, you know what I’m saying? Give me some flavor! Big Mozz did just that.

Now my pants are tighter and I only have myself to blame.

Getting My Hair Cut for My Birthday 

New Haircut for 2018.jpg

When it comes to my hair I’m completely vain. If my hair looks good then I feel good. If it doesn’t, please put your camera away. Don’t you dare suggest we take a photo. I will curse you out in my head.

I don’t need proof of the big frizz ball on my head, okay?

After rocking my thirty day curly girl challenge, I went back to the straightener because I am a weak human being. Also, it’s almost June and it’s still winter in NYC. We have some actual Spring days sprinkled with rainy days that bring an icy chill to your bones.

So my plans to wash-and-go regularly were nixed. I’ve been keeping up with my hair masks but after awhile you have to accept it’s time for a trim (not a chop, please don’t say the ‘c’ word around me).

With just an inch gone my hair feels revitalized. I also have side bangs again!

I’m bangin’ in my 26th year of life.

Get it?

Please don’t unfollow my blog. I swear I’m funny.


Bored With My Workouts I Started Kickboxing Again 

CKO Kickboxing.jpg


A year ago I was obsessed with CKO Kickboxing. For one-hour every other day I would punch all of my frustrations out. I was definitely a nicer person back then because I wasn’t holding onto my frustrations.

Once I started my new job I stopped going. The class times didn’t work with my schedule. They still don’t but I’ve been making it work because I am tired of my regular workout. I haven’t been headed to the gym or my classes at the MAX Challenge because I’m bored. I know what the instructor is going to make us do before she even says it. At kickboxing the instructors rotate so I’m never stuck with the same person unless it’s their 6 AM class, which only one person teaches. That class is my favorite because she switches it up on you every single time.

One morning she made us run five laps outside. The next she had us throwing medicine balls against the wall. Sometimes she makes us stay in a plank for three minutes or more. I felt like I was going to keel over and die during my first class back. I had to use my emergency asthma pump when it was over but I still keep coming back for more. After only two weeks I’m starting to regain definition in my arms.

Gateway National Park.jpg

Since the sun sets later I also incorporated running outside into my routine again. I jog for only a few minutes at a time because my lungs have decided they hate me. At the beginning of the month I found out I have asthma, which makes sense because I can never breathe.

It’s mainly due to severe allergies. Running outside when you’re allergic to every tree and grass known to mankind is probably not the smartest idea but I always carry my pump with me. If I didn’t take the risk I’d never get to see the sunset. I remind myself it’s worth it when I can’t breathe.

Buying a New Car 

I’m actually doing this as this post goes live so what kind of car I bought is TBD. I’m so excited and I couldn’t help but share. Today I say goodbye to my hand-me-down car, Hugh (named after Hugh Jackman of course), and buy my first set of wheels! I’m getting a used car but it’ll still be paid by me, myself and I!

Hugh, thanks for the memories. Remember that time when you decided you no longer wanted a functioning driver side window and broke so I had to drive with a garbage bag as a window? I loved the impromptu showers when it rained. Or the tire that always broke down on the same side because someone tried to steal my rim but failed? How about the headlights and backlights that decided to stop working at the same time?

Mr. Jackman, you will be missed.


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