Ever since the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game was released I’ve been attached to my cellphone like it’s my new limb. Like many others, Harry Potter has been a huge part of my life. I did after all go to London specifically to see the play. The game has reignited my obsession for the series.

Here are twenty-one HP themed gift ideas all superfans would love:

Dobby is Free Socks, $7, by SocknRoll9 on Etsy 

Dobby is Free Socks from Etsy.jpg

They might not be Harry Potter’s actual dirty sock but the sentiment is there. Be free like Dobby in these cute ankle socks. They come in dark gray, gray with a white stripe and gray with a black stripe.

Alohomora Welcome Mat, $34.99 on Amazon

Alohomora Welcome Mat.jpg

This Alohomora Welcome Mat will get your guests talking before they enter your home. It’s a subtle statement to the fandom without being too over the top.

Harry Potter Mug, $10.99+ by JimandPamCreations on Etsy

Hogwarts Wasn't Hiring So I Teach Muggles Instead.jpg

This is the perfect mug to show appreciation to the teacher in your life. Add some chocolate frogs and wrap this up with it to give as an end of the year gift.

Leviosa Shirt, $20.36 by FandomJungle on Etsy

Hermione Leviosa Shirt.jpg

If you’re a fan of Rosie the Riveter or women empowerment this t-shirt is for you. I think it’s perfect to wear during the next Women’s March to show your support to both Muggles and Witches alike. With every purchase of this shirt ten trees are also planted.

Hermione would be proud.

Glasses Ring, $28 on AlexandAni.com 

Harry Potter Glasses Ring.jpg

Alex and Ani has an entire collection devoted to Harry Potter. Now you can carry Harry and his scar with you everywhere. You can purchase this adjustable ring on the website in sterling silver or 14k gold plated.

Lumos/Nox Light Switch Cover, $18.50 by SciCollectables on Esty

Harry Potter Light Switch Cover.jpg

Add a hint of Harry to your home with this Lumos/Nox light switch cover. If it goes with your decor this would be cute in the bathroom to remind everyone to turn off the light.

Deer Phone Case, $9.99 on Amazon 

Harry Potter Phone Case.jpg

Maybe I already have three HP themed phone cases. Maybe I also need this watercolor deer expecto patronum case. Maybe it’s already being shipped to my house as I type this.

Protect my secret shopping addiction always, okay?

House Crest Cookie Cutters, $16.95 on Williams-Sonoma.com

Harry Potter House Crest Cookie Cutters.jpg

Because eating a sugar cookie stamped with your Hogwarts house crest makes it taste ten times better.

Ministry of Magic Toliet Decal, $5.95 by WorldFactoryDesign on Etsy

Ministry of Magic Toliet Decal.jpg

A magical reminder for your kids, husband and visitors to put the lid down.

Retro Yule Ball Poster, $18.50+ by WindowShopGal on Etsy

Yule Ball Poster.jpg

This 1930’s inspired Yule Ball poster will add a sophisticated flair to your otherwise drab walls. This print is a subtle way to add your love of the series to your home without clashing with the rest of your decor.

Coasters, $32 by 1620Designs on Etsy

Harry Potter Coasters.jpg

These make absolute sense because you need to drink to live, right? So you might as well invest in these wooden coasters and finally stop putting rings on your coffee table.

Mirror of Erised, $49.99 on ThinkGeek.com 

Mirror of Erised.jpg

Stop using a boring mirror when applying your make-up. This desktop version of the Mirror of Erised will add a flair of sophistication to your vanity. Only true fans will notice it’s from Harry Potter. Others will think you’re going for a princess theme.

Time to Get Huffle Buff Tank, $23.99 on activateapparel.com 

Harry Potter tank.jpg

Show off your gains and Puff pride with this tank. Who said Hufflepuffs don’t lift?

I’ll Neville Let You Go T-Shirt, $23.99 on lookhuman.com 

Neville Longbottom Tshirt.jpg

Do I really have to give you a reason to buy this shirt?

Come on, do it for Neville!

I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good Shot Glass, $9.98 on Amazon 

Harry Potter Shot Glass.jpg

Take a shot every time Professor Snape scowls on screen. Bonus points if it’s filled with Butterbeer because Firewhiskey is gross.

Expecto Patronum Pillow Cover, $39.50 from PbTeen.com

Expecto Patronum Pillow Case.jpg

This pillow cover will be a great addition to the ones on your bed or sofa. I love the added detail of the small moons and stars. They help make the words pop against the midnight blue.

Duvet and Sham, prices vary on PbTeen.com

Harry Potter Sheets.jpg

Bedding shouldn’t be boring, invest in this white and gold set with snitches, owls and the stars from the Harry Potter collection on PBteen.com.

Purchase the matching sheet set here.

Brush Set, $8.95 on Walmart.com 

Harry Potter Brush Set.jpeg

Feel magical as you’re applying your make-up with this six-piece wand themed brush kit.

Dishtowels, $13 by RosetesThread on Etsy 

Harry Potter Dishtowel.jpg

You can get away with using these HP themed dishtowels during the month of October but they’re also simple enough to hang in your kitchen year-round.

Cutting Board, $39.99 by EPSdigital on Etsy

Harry Potter Personal Cutting Board.jpg

Add this custom bamboo cutting board to your kitchen supplies. I just hope your cooking is so good instead of no good.

Always Charm Bangle, $38 on AlexandAni.com

Harry Potter Always Charm Bracelet.jpg

Wear this charm bangle around your wrist as a constant reminder of Severus’ ultimate sacrifice. It’s simple enough to match with your everyday jewelry and you can stack it with a few others from the rest of the Harry Potter collection from Alex and Ani.

Are you a Harry Potter fan? What’s your favorite item from the list? Let me know in the comments below. 



This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, if you click through an affiliate link and make a purchase, I may make a small commission.


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