April 2018 Favorites: Fashion, Beauty and Novels

In the blink of an eye another month has gone by. Can you believe it’s May? I barely remember celebrating the New Year!

For me, April was an exciting month. I traveled to Washington, DC to see the Cherry Blossoms, attended my friends wedding, continued my quest for the best ice cream in New York City and splurged during the Sephora VIB sale.

As usual below are my favorites from this month: a mix of fashion, beauty, places and things.

Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate

Before We Were Yours.jpg

Lisa Wingate’s novel, Before We We Were Yours, will hit you in the gut. The story is based on true events concerning a woman named Georgia Tann, who ran the Tennessee Children’s Home Society. From 1930 – 1950, she snatched poor children from their families and sold them to celebrities, politicians and others who could afford them. Sometimes she tricked parents into signing their kids over so they could be adopted and other times she had her workers grab them off the street and would falsify documents so it looked like the child was an orphan. She changed their names, birthdates, and entire identity. The children were underfed and physically, mentally and emotionally abused.

When the main character, Avery Stafford, finds a picture of her grandmother with people she has never seen before she starts to dig into her past. What follows is a heartwarming story about love, family and staying true to your heart.

I couldn’t put this book down and stayed up the entire night reading it. If you’re wondering, Georgia Tann was never convicted of anything. She died before facing any consequences.

LuLu’s Forevermore Skater Dress 

Forevermore Skater Dress.jpg
Forevermore Skater Dress, $61

This was my first experience with LuLu’s and I have to admit I was really impressed. At the time I purchased my dress it was on sale–less than fifty dollars–a total bargain! I was worried given the price the dress would look cheap but everyone who saw me in it thought I paid more. I wore the dress in purple for my friends Spring wedding.

I love the thick shoulder straps and slight flare of the skirt, perfect for a wedding.

INC International Concepts Women’s Kamma Strappy Dress Sandals 9408174_fpx.tif.jpeg

I paired these shoes from INC with my Lulu’s dress I mentioned above. This added a pop of color and sparkle to an otherwise plain dress.

I’m a big fan of block heels. I have an issue walking and standing in regular heels. So wearing these and running around for six hours without feeling like I was going to fall? Priceless!

Mango Body Butter from Bath and Body Works023642147.jpg

Body butters from Bath and Body Works are everything. I love the mango because it feels less like a lotion and more like a cooling gel. Pop this in the fridge and use it after a warm shower or if you spent some time in the sun. It’ll feel refreshing and you will smell great.

I also purchased the thicker body butters along with the exfoliating scrubs. The scrubs are perfect for spring to prepare your legs for the summer by removing the dead skin so you can get a cleaner shave.

First Run of the Season with MPOW Headphones 

MPOW Headphones.jpg

There’s nothing better than the first run of the season. Being able to go outside after a very harsh winter and run in the sun is like a right of passage for it to truly be Spring. I finally had my first run and my experience (and time) was even better thanks to the MPOW bluetooth headphones.

(Photos from my first run of the season, Gateway National Park, Staten Island)

I’ve talked about these headphones before in my January favorites. These are a gift that keep on giving. They last 20 hours unplugged, connect to your phone and sit directly on your ear instead of inside like ear buds, which makes them better for your hearing. I just think for forty dollars you can’t go wrong with these compared to an expensive brand like Beats.

Wireless headphones are a complete game changer for a workout, especially an outside one. The wire from my headphones used to annoy me, swishing from left to right, as I ran. Now I don’t have to deal with that and can run without any constraints.

Tatcha Water Cream 

Tatcha Water Cream.jpg

You don’t have to scroll through Instagram for that long to see a post by an Influencer raving about Tatcha. They’re very lucky they get products for free.

My very cheap and poor self paid for a full-size tub of the Tatcha Water Cream after quickly using up a travel size. Thankfully, the price is worth it.

My face looks and feels amazing after two weeks of using this. It has also helped with the dark circles under my eyes, which aren’t really genetic but due to allergies and dryness. My nose is also very dry so using this along with an exfoliating face mask like the pumpkin enzyme mask, have helped my face tremendously.

I love that it’s such a thick consistency a little goes a long way, which is fabulous considering it is expensive.

Urban Decay Petite Heat Palette 


I’ve been an Urban Decay fan since I started wearing make-up my freshman year of college. The eyeshadows never fail. They’re always super pigmented so I don’t have to cake layers onto my eyes.

The petite heat palette is perfect for girls with brown or hazel eyes and a caramel skintone. The colors are subtle enough they’re good for an everyday look at the office or for a night out.

Fenty Beauty Lipstick

Fenty Lipstick.jpg

When Rihanna’s ‘Fenty’ beauty line was released women (and men) flocked Sephora around the world in order to get their hands on her products. I have already found my holy grail foundation from the Bare Minerals line so her entire collection didn’t appeal to me.

After the hype started to die down I swore to myself I would try  something from her line that wasn’t just her Killawatt highlighter. Her lipsticks…woah! I don’t know why I was so surprised but the quality is amazing. The lipstick is long lasting, buildable, and dries fairly quickly so I never have to worry about it staining my teeth.

I purchased the color dusty rose.

Falling With Wings: A Mother’s Story by Dianna de La Garza with Vickie McIntyre 

Falling with Wings.jpg

Even if you’re not a fan of the singer Demi Lovato, this book is still worth reading. Falling With Wings tells the story of her mother, Dianna de La Garza, and her journey so far.

This book surprised me in so many ways. I knew before reading the book most of the things about Demi. She went to rehab, she is bipolar, she used to starve and cut herself. None of that was new information. What surprised me was the fact that her mother had a similar story. Everything she went through was very sad but she managed to come out stronger in the end. I would actually recommend this book as a gift for mother’s day. I think any mom would be interested in her story because at the core of it the book is really about motherhood. How far would you go to protect your kids? How far would you go to help them live out their dreams? What happens to you when you lose your identity because your life is all about them?

The Future is Latina T-Shirt 

The Future is Latina.jpg
Photo from the Etsy shop: TheFutureisLatina

I feel like this t-shirt is the equivalent to those I ❤️ NYC shirts or whatever country/state you’re visiting because these are everywhere now. The Future Is Latina…The Future is Female…the future is whatever you make it.

I was surprised by how soft the shirt felt. I do wish I would have purchased a medium instead of a small. I’m not a big fan of fitted t-shirts because they show off my belly.

Curse you, bread.

Tipsy Scoop in New York City 

Tipsy Scoop NYC.jpg

My quest for the best ice cream in NYC continued this month with a visit to Tipsy Scoop. It was forty degrees outside when I went and I was sick but those are poor excuses to not eat ice cream. I know what you’re thinking, “But you’re also lactose intolerant.” And? I’m always up for a challenge.

Tipsy Scoop skyrocketed to the top of my list because their boozy ice cream is delicious. I had their special for the month, peachy keen, and it tasted exactly like a fresh peach.

Peachy Keen.jpg

My mouth is watering at the memory of devouring it.


Ice cream.

I was so impressed I had to buy a pint to take home. My pint was mint chip, which was so minty it freshened my breath.

I didn’t taste the booze with either flavors–but I felt it afterwards. Mama slept good that night!

Seriously, I shared with my mom. She liked it too.

Bonus: Visiting the American Indian Museum in NYC

Scissor Dance.jpg

My big trip for the month of April was to Washington, DC. You can read all about my three-day weekend: here, here and here! If you already read my posts you know I visited the Museum of the American Indian.

Before I left for DC I also visited the National Museum of the American Indian in NYC.

It was relatively small and I only had an hour and half to explore it before the museum was closing so I didn’t get to see everything. However, what I did see was very interesting. My favorite floor had different clothes they wear for special dances and events displayed around the entire room.

How cool is this outfit (pictured above) from for the Quechua Danza de Tizeras (Scissor Dance)! Scissor dancers from Peru wore bright colored outfits with baggy trousers and fitted jackets. They performed with polished iron rods in their right hand and danced to the rhythm of violins and harps.

What do you think about my favorites for the month? Share some of your favorites with me in the comment section below. 




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