Afternoon Tea on a Double Decker Bus

IMG_2013On my final day in London there was one thing left that I needed to try: the desserts. I wanted to taste the cakes, lick an ice cream and devour an entire pie. Alright, maybe not an entire pie but after indulging in the food and drinks it only seemed wrong I was going to leave without trying a single dessert, which is why I ended up on Brigit’s Afternoon Tea Bus Tour.

Funnily enough while I was on the Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus the Afternoon Tea Bus stopped right next to us at a light. I did a double take when the people on the bus started waving to us with a biscuit in their hand. I took a quick picture of the bus so I could search for it online later and I’m glad I did.

The bus tour is something you have to do with your girlfriends, sister, daughter or even husband. There was a man on our afternoon tour who was actually a bus driver. He wanted to take the tour because he wanted to experience London from the point of view as a traveler, though he drove the same exact route every day.

Afternoon Tea Menu

It was a cozy experience that I completely fell in love with. I got to indulge my cravings with cucumber sandwiches, chocolate cupcakes, macaroons, scones and more while taking a ride through London. Since you have to buy your tickets in advance you get to pick where you would like to be seated, the lower or upper deck of the bus. The upper deck is closed so it’s still a perfect choice and doesn’t hinder your experience if it’s raining or chilly outside. There’s staff on board for each deck that will bring you extra desserts and refill your coffee or tea. I thought it was a genius idea to use insulated cups, designed with Brigit’s logo, for the drinks. I really wanted to experience high tea but I would not have been if I was burned by hot water or had it sloshing around from a china cup.

A view of the lower deck of the bus.

The bus itself was extremely inviting. I loved the simple decor. Fairy lights hung in the back, the food was already set up when we got there, with pink napkins and cutlery and matching doilies. The Afternoon Tea Bus Tour is essentially the grown-up version of having a tea party at the American Girl store.

Since I had seen most of London already after a two-week trip it was nice to sit back and relax, learn some new information about the city from the onboard guide and talk to other travelers about where to go and what to see. I was also able to marvel at the fact that I had done so much during my trip. I got to gaze at Buckingham Palace again, see Harrods in the daylight, and watch the passerby’s as we coasted along Notting Hill.

Salivating over the desserts! 

The tour itself was an hour long so it didn’t take out a significant chunk of the day. If anything it helped me remind myself to slow down and enjoy to my final day abroad because I would soon be back to reality.



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