You Can Never go Hungry in Greece

Not knowing the official language of a country is in your favor because you get to try different foods you normally wouldn’t. Sometimes when we visited restaurants or tavernas the menus were not in English but in Greek. Of course it caused confusion because people wanted to know what they were ordering but I say what’s the fun in that? There have been times where I’ve asked the waiters to surprise me with whatever chicken dish they have or I’ve just pointed to a random Greek dish not knowing what it is. I never had food I didn’t like or didn’t want to eat (maybe lamb even though it tastes good I don’t feel really comfortable eating Mary’s little lamb).

Remember when you’re abroad going to museums, talking to locals and going out to bars, clubs or wherever is important but so is trying as many different cultural (and not) dishes as you can.

Chicken souvlaki on a plate with onions, potatoes, yogurt sauce and tomato. This is a cheap common dish, most people eat it in a pita. My roommate and I had to have eaten this at least twice every week. It just tastes so good and is cheap so it doesn’t break the bank when you’re trying to travel as much as you can.
Tzatziki! I wish I could bring some home with me. Tzatziki as an appetizer, on a cheeseburger, in a gyro or whatever–you can find it everywhere. It’s basically yogurt with cucumbers. If you get it as an appetizer eat it with bread and save some for your main dish or other appetizers as well.
Mussels in lemon sauce in Corfu. Delicious! (I think I’m repeating myself too much but what else can I say?) Seafood can be expensive but it’s worth to try a few different dishes. I never had mussels before (I’m more of a clam girl) but I’m always up to trying something new.
Since I’m Puerto Rican being in Greece was hard. You can’t find Goya products in the supermarket so I’ve had to live without my arroz con pollo for six weeks. When I found out there was a Spanish restaurant in Thessaloniki I had to try it out–twice. Tapas Bar and Restaurant helped satisfy my desire for spanish food. The menu is only in Greek and Spanish and the food is from the Basque region. Here’s paella with seafood.
A gyro! Again, chicken souvlaki in a pita with potatoes, our favorite tzatziki sauce, ketchup and tomatoes. I will miss these when I go back to New York. I may have to visit the Souvlaki Gr food truck.
Mushroom risotto with seafood. I got this at a taverna we accidentally stumbled upon when we were trying to go to Tapas Bar and Restaurant one night. Our taxi driver didn’t know where it was so he just left us at a random street. We weren’t angry or anything because in Greece it’s always an adventure.
Since I went to Tapas I made it my mission to eat at any Spanish restaurant I could find. We had to take two cab rides, ask five different kiosk workers and people on the street to help us find El Burrito. It was funny because once we found it we realized we had walked past it at least three times. These are just toppings that go on fajitas.
My friend got fajitas but I got chicken tacos. So good! I was a little wary–Mexican food in Greece? I devoured these three tacos in five minutes. I am not ashamed.
The most expensive dish I had in Greece–sea bass. Totally worth 13 euro. My roommate and I stumbled upon a random restaurant on her last night in Greece after we tried going to TGIF and it was closed. I say thank you Zeus because this was so much better than any food I could have gotten in Friday’s.
My pants are tight and I blame the ice cream here. You just can’t not try it. Again, most of the flavors are in Greek. I haven’t found a place where the ice cream flavors were in English. I pretty much just point to one and hope for the best. I haven’t been disappointed. Vanilla and chocolate chip, mango, nuts with cherries, black forest and more. Did I mention my pants were feeling tighter than normal? Oops.
Free dessert with a shot of mango we got in El Burrito. Greece, you really know how to treat a foodie right.
I have about ten pictures of Greek salad to show my family. For the most part every single picture looks the same. I’m not a huge fan of feta cheese but it’s something you need to try because it tastes different here than in the US–better, fresher. Traditional Greek salad also doesn’t have any lettuce so try to mask your surprise the first time you eat it.
Look at that fish. I know your mouth is watering. Don’t feel bad about that. My friend and I went to a taverna and she wanted seafood but she didn’t know what any of the dishes were. She asked the waiter and he kept saying dorado, dorado! So she got the dorado, an entire fish in a lemon sauce that she devoured quickly.
You can't come to Greece without trying ouzo. It's too strong for some people but one shot isn't bad. I actually liked the way it tasted and we got the drink for free one night since our waiter enjoyed our company. Who doesn't like free drinks?
You can’t come to Greece without trying ouzo. It’s too strong for some people but one shot isn’t bad. I actually liked the way it tasted and we got the drink for free one night since our waiter enjoyed our company. Who doesn’t like free drinks?

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