Endless Opportunities In Greece

Abraham Lincoln once said, “I will prepare and some day my chance will come.”

Before I left New York I was worrying about getting an internship. I’m required to complete one before I graduate and since I’m graduating in June I’ve been freaking out because I’ve gotten offers in the past that have nothing to do with journalism or communications (engineering? really?). I’ve been sending out resumes and writing cover letters on my down time over here. Even though I’m not in the US it’s better to try to get my name floating out there instead of not trying at all and losing out on an opportunity.

I stopped searching about two weeks ago because I was getting discouraged…but guess what?

The chance actually came.

I have an internship with the Dukakis Center here in Thessaloniki. For my last few weeks in Greece I’ll be writing political pieces (aggregation posts with my opinion trickled in) for a blog called POLITIS.

Thanks to study abroad the opportunities just keep coming. It’s exciting. I’m excited. Is it obvious? Can you tell?


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Pop culture and political junkie sharing her travels with the world.

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