Walking Around the Neighborhood: Art in Greece

Coming from New York I’m used to seeing graffiti on the side of buildings, in train stations and on the side of buses and taxis. Sometimes you see amazing portraits but most of the time it’s curses, names of people or random words that mean something only to the person who sprayed it for the world to see.

Imagine my surprise when I came to Greece and saw graffiti on some of the buildings as I walked throughout the street. However, what I’ve learned is they consider the scribbled words and images works of art.

I found this when I got lost going home one day. Punk’s not dead? I thought it was funny because I see this in New York all the time. I guess it’s a message that is important abroad too.
Oops? Looking at this artistically I appreciated the effort the artist took to duplicate their work three times.
This was on the side of a store called, ‘fenafresh.’ Homer Simpson seems to be pretty popular in Thessaloniki. I’ve seen other portraits of him too.
I found this in a park when I was searching for some food. This reminded me more of home than anything else. I’m not entirely convinced it’s art but I don’t think it’s ugly to the eye either. I guess Greeks appreciate everything they see around them and maybe I need to use their viewpoint when it comes to small things like graffiti. Everything has meaning, beauty and a purpose.


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